Let Her Go Cover

Let Her Go Cover

We Just finished the music video to Let Her Go! Cover by Dallin McAllister. I must it was a blast filming this. It took four days of shooting and about 40+ hours of editing. So worth it. We loved how it turned out! And we know you will too!  Dallin is such a talented man. We were lucky to have Adria Tilby be our supporting actress for Dallin's music video. She did a spectacular job! 

Shout out to Adria for her amazing acting skills and Dallin for his phenomenal voice. 

After you swoon over this awesome video check out the awesome bloopers from the four days of shooting we did! 

 Bloopers below!


Actress: Adria Tilby

Song: Let Her Go Passenger Cover  by Dallin McAllister

Filmed & Edited by: TK PRODUCTION FILMS